Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hey Presto, Pesto!

I was off last Wednesday and was wondering what to do with the herbs in the garden that I'd grown.  I'd planted mint, sage, parsley and basil ages ago and throughout the miserable winter all I could see were a few straggly shoots of hopeful herbs (I hoped) trying to get going.

The sage was soaked in one downpour so was particularly weakened.  The mint I'd used for Mojito's as soon as I saw a shoot so I think in protest was going on something of a go slow and whilst I'd never had any luck with parsley before, my basil had grown like weeds.  Not this time.  It was the parsley that suddenly took off and threatened to engulf its neighbors.

Parsley run amok

I'd planted the herbs in their own individual wine boxes and filled that with potting soil hoping that way they'd have a chance to grow as our regular soil is so poor here.  And now the parsley was on a takeover of the mint next door but as I'd planted a geranium (for some reason I thought was good at the time) in the middle, it in its turn was spreading everywhere too.  Chaos ruled so I had to harvest now before it all went haywire.

Not bushy like it should be but the Basil grew into little trees before harvesting.  I've planted more now so we'll see how that goes.
As we had some pine nuts in the fridge, I immediately thought Hey Pesto!  Sorry, bad pun.  And as I'd not used my big mixer in a while, I thought lets give it all a go.  I checked a recipe on the internet but totally ignored the quantities as I thought I'd just fill up the mixer and push the button and see what happened.

It turned out so well that I thought what could I smear it onto and came across some nice thick pork chops in the fridge, so hey presto there we went!

Here's the recipe.  Ingredients only so do guess the quantities like I did!
  • Parsley (lots)
  • Basil (lots)
  • Pine Nuts -- 1 carton
  • Garlic -- quite a lot as I like garlic
  • Lemon juice -- I used 2 or was it 3 whole lemons?  Hmm.
  • Olive oil -- again quite a bit but as it turned out quite dry, I think I may not have used quite enough.  You can always add more later though as you only need a couple of table spoons with a plate of pasta.
  • Salt and Pepper
Looking at the recipe again, swap pine nuts and basil for mayo and anchovies and you've got Caesar Salad dressing.  

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