Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Blog

In the time since I've been writing my travel blog I realized I'd written quite a bit about food, restaurants and ... well eating in general.  So I thought I'd simply devote this blog to some of the great fooderies I've eaten at, many probably most with my wife, Vivien.

As I'm currently in Toronto and have eaten at some great places in the past few days, it really makes sense to start here.

Burgers in Toronto

My friend Byron suggested a burger joint on Queen West called the County General for lunch with our respective wives this week when we were in Toronto.  The premise is usually the same -- good cocktails and decent food -- so it's not a bad place to begin this new blog which will be all about the fooderies that I've found, enjoyed and maybe have not enjoyed.  Much of what I do when I travel is to find great places to eat so its nice to remember the good ones.

The place is funky -- our martinis came in old style champagne glasses and Daina's iced tea came in a large jam jar.  Daina said a lot of places do this now.  I'd only ever seen it 6 years ago in Alaska in a bar in a one horse town by some vast waterway.  The beer then was home brew and they had some fine blues on the sound system.

One horse town in Alaska

The menu was fairly simple for lunch -- burgers, sandwiches and pretty much anything hand held.  One thing I liked was the ability to add bacon and a fried egg to anything for $2 each.  This charming addition reminded me instantly of Dorothy's Coffee Shop in Bermuda, the home of the finest burger in the world.

Mind you the County General's burger was pretty darned good too.  I had fries with mine, well I ordered them anyway.  They were somehow eaten by someone else who ordered a side salad instead!

Trouble was this time, Viv and I had something on in the evening and with Byron and Daina admitting to having to work in the afternoon, we had to curtail things only 3 cocktails in.

Fun place indeed!

The County General
936 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 1G6
(416) 531-4447